Our target Market trade promotion offering

Our training identifies five phases of export development and offer specific interventions for each of these to enable Companies complete the first step in the development of the Export Marketing Plan with information about the company’s current situation including mission, goals, objectives, current market positioning and strategy.:

The Explorer is the enterprise that is exploring options for developing the business, of which exporting might be a possibility;
The Export Aware enterprise has some idea of what exporting entails, is export-ready in some aspects, but lacks basic skills;
The Export Ready company has the basics in place and needs to develop an export marketing plan;
The Start-Up Exporter is export-ready and has completed an export marketing plan, which now needs to be implemented to achieve initial orders; and
The global exporter may have been exporting for a number of years and now needs to further penetratemarkets, and develop new markets or products.
Our training empower companies on how to conduct desk market research and have an understanding of the target market in terms of trade flows, market size, market trends, customer/consumer buying behavior, market access requirements, competitors’ activities, identified attractive market segments and export opportunities and should be able to describe the company’s internal environment, export capabilities and competencies and clearly identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the findings of the market research and competition analysis.