CED coordinates export development initiatives with broader perspective through consultations with the industry.

These consultations build understanding of each sector’s business needs and priorities

Sector/Sub-sector Product
Agricultural and food products  • Fresh and processed fruits and vegetables.

• Juices and other preparations of tropical fruits.

• Environmentally- and/or socially-certified products.

• Certified and genetic seed.

• High-value ornamental plants.

•  Seafood, Fresh Produce, Processed foods, Wines & Beverages.

Energy and technology •  Solar Technology

• Wind Techonlogy

• Green Economy

•  Waste to Energy


Manufacturers, Handcrafts and fine art • Design-sensitive housewares, decorative, and gift products• Upscale, design-sensitive handicrafts

• Upscale, high-quality furniture

• Paintings and sculpture; art reproductions; books and other printed material; popular music

Services/ Tourism • Tourism, including business and conventions, cultural, adventure, eco/agro, South Africa package tours passing through the air transport hub• Software development, IT, call centers

• Marketing, warehousing and distribution for the other market

• Higher education and professional training

• Medical, dental and other professional services for Africa

Market Priorities
 We focus on these markets:

• Africa

• Asia

• US

• EU